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2023 Update: Hayato Hori

The goal of Hardly Hustle is to provide inspiration, drive and motivation in a 10 minute read or less. What you see is what you get. This is hot off the press without an editing team. Hayato Hori is up. And...

In case you missed his story in 2021, you may want to start here first.

Hayato Hori

What is your name & current role?

Hayato Hori | Owner of RocketOffr

Explain to the audience what it is that you do, or if it failed, what you did do?

I own a wholesaling company called RocketOffr, where we help source investment properties for investors. We've completed over 250+ deals and counting and we now also help others build their own wholesaling company and teach them everything we know so people can pursue their dream of becoming a real estate investor.

Since you last shared on Hardly Hustle, what have you been up to?

Since I last shared on Hardly Hustle, we are still doing deals, but now are also sharing how we built our business to others. People may ask 'why', but it's simple. We had too many investors to cater, and there was no way we could source every single property for them - it's simply not possible.

So instead, we've started a program to show people how they can build a wholesaling company step-by-step, get coaching & guidance from us, access to all of our contracts and boots on the ground, plus they get to tap into our network of investors to sell their deals to. In fact, if they find a good property, we will take care of the entire transaction process for them and we even negotiate with our investors on their behalf so that people can make money through wholesaling and build their real estate business.

Since your last story, any responses you’d tweak or add to?

There's definitely a ton of things I'd change if I could go back in time. The biggest thing I'd probably tweak looking back is how I structure my team & systems I put into place. Since if I knew what I know now, I would've scaled my wholesaling operation way differently than I have before.

What have you automated or thought about automating in your day to day to make life easier?

We automate a ton of things. If I catch myself doing something repetitively, I try to automate that. An example of something I automate is reminders on CRM to make sure a task is completed so I don't forget, or even email + text outreach to prospects so that those leads are nurtured.

What hire has made the most impact for you?

I want to shoutout, Aaron, our Director of Transactions/Coach as he's helped our company adjust to new markets and always coming up with new solutions for the company to move it forward.

Has your work-life balance gotten better or worse, and why?

It's more or less stayed the same. I work as much as I possibly can each day to move the needle forward, but I don't really track the number of hours I work since I genuinely enjoy what I do and most of the time 'work' doesn't really feel like work for me.

What’s one thing you’re bullish on or think is a good idea?

1000% bullish on AI. The things chatGPT can do is absolutely insane - 5 years from now I'm scared to see what its capabilities will be. I'm also very bullish on residential real estate as always - population is growing with lower inventory.

What is one business tool or resource you can’t live without?

Zapier is essential for our automations, but Zoho CRM, Hyros, and Zoho Cliq are a close second.

What is one "life hack" or one tool in your life, personal or professional, that has made a large impact?

The biggest life hack that has made a large impact on my life is buying information. Leaning on experts who've done it before to learn how to do something I don't is the fastest way to get where I want to.


# of Employees?


Current revenue?

Not provided.

Projected revenue?

Not provided.

Any call to action?

Feel free to reach out at @hayantooo on Instagram if you have questions. I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.


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