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2023 Update: Josiah Hall

The goal of Hardly Hustle is to provide inspiration, drive and motivation in a 10 minute read or less. What you see is what you get. This is hot off the press without an editing team.

Josiah Hall is up. And...

In case you missed his story in 2021, you may want to start here first.

Josiah Hall: Clean Cut Junk

What is your name & current role?

Josiah Hall - Business Development Coordinator

Explain to the audience what it is that you do, or if it failed, what you did do?

I started a junk removal business in high school. In college, I was able to scale the simple service business enough to where it could operate without me being in the field. 'Clean-Cut Junk' experienced sharp growth during Covid while maintaining high customer reviews.

Since you last shared on Hardly Hustle, what have you been up to?

For starters, I graduated with my business degree from NC State in May 2023. I am now doing a year-long consulting for a nonprofit in Raleigh that operates three social enterprises. Our goal is to provide living-wage, stable employment while offering quality services. 'Clean-Cut Junk' still operates and at this point my time commitment is low. 

I am grateful for the ability to work in the social enterprise space which I am passionate about. I have also dug deep into Bitcoin from a financial, social, and energy perspective. Through the lens of monetary properties, Bitcoin is the most sound money we have. I look forward to being a part of the Bitcoin ecosystem as it continues to be discovered by individuals and institutions around the globe.

Since your last story, any responses you’d tweak or add to?

Book list - Essentialism, The Bitcoin Standard, Good to Great, Traction 

Podcasts - The Art of Growth, We Study Billionaires, The 'What is Money' Show

What have you automated or thought about automating in your day to day to make life easier?

We use AI to generate scorecards and KPIs which saves us time.

What hire has made the most impact for you?

Hiring a crew lead for 'Clean-Cut Junk' has been an important step for my business. You have to have the right person because they have so much responsibility and I need to fully trust them. I have had my best results hiring from my personal network for 1 year commitments. I see this crew lead role as a great way for young men to gain experience leading others while still having back-end support.

Has your work-life balance gotten better or worse, and why?

I have gotten better at establishing work, school, and fun time blocks to avoid constantly being 'on'. I am grateful to have had an incredible college experience in which I had great friends, educational opportunities, and community development involvement.

What’s one thing you’re bullish on or think is a good idea?


What is one business tool or resource you can’t live without?


What is one "life hack" or one tool in your life, personal or professional, that has made a large impact?

Not provided.


# of Employees?


Current revenue?


Projected revenue?


Any call to action?

Always looking to connect with people in entrepreneurship and business. I value these relationships greatly.


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