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2024 Update: Rachel Cross

The goal of Hardly Hustle is to provide inspiration, drive and motivation in a 10 minute read or less. What you see is what you get. This is hot off the press without an editing team.

Rachel Cross is up. And...

In case you missed her story in 2020, you may want to start here first.

What is your name & current role?

Rachel Cross, Founder & Chief Business Sherpa of Rachel K Group

Explain to the audience what it is that you do, or if it failed, what you did do?

We offer relationship-driven brand strategy and culture consulting for companies and their leaders looking to maximize their potential and serve the world in the unique way only they can. We believe the most relevant brands on the planet are on a journey to improve the lives of everyone they impact – from employees and customers to investors and communities.

Since you last shared on Hardly Hustle, what have you been up to?

I am still running my boutique consulting firm but we have honed in our services to just brand, culture, and marketing communications strategy. I still also act as a fractional CMO for clients who need this and have been really active in the fleet electrification space (the electric vehicle transition for commercial transportation).

Since your last story, any responses you’d tweak or add to?

Last time we talked, I was spending time helping people launch their own solopreneur careers. Since then, I created an online course so I could scale how I serve people. It's available at

What have you automated or thought about automating in your day to day to make life easier?

As I just mentioned, I created an online course to help people with the first, basic steps of launching their own business versus doing one-on-one coaching. There are benefits to both, but this helped free up my time to focus on the consulting side of my business.

What hire has made the most impact for you?

Two years ago, I hired a part-time digital marketing coordinator, events manager, and virtual assistant. I wouldn't have been able to take on the load of work I did in 2021 without all of those roles and their help. And when things shifted with clients, I was able to scale back the help to meet the current needs of my business. It's a constant question of hiring the right people in the right roles at the right time for the right projects.

Has your work-life balance gotten better or worse, and why?

I have maintained a healthy life-work balance and I think it's actually improved in the last two years after getting even more clear on what an "A" client looks like and who I ideally want to work with. I have always set aside at least six weeks a year for non-work vacation time, but also enjoy the freedom of work/travel trips when given the opportunity.

What’s one thing you’re bullish on or think is a good idea?

I'm bullish on being picky about who I work with. I don't have a scarcity mentality about work or clients, even during slower seasons, and believe I will attract the clients I am best positioned to serve and make a long-term impact with.

What is one business tool or resource you can’t live without?

I can be scatterbrained, so time blocking is essential to maximizing efficiency during my work day.

What is one "life hack" or one tool in your life, personal or professional, that has made a large impact?

Not provided.


# of Employees?


Current revenue?

Not provided.

Projected revenue?

Not provided.

Any call to action?

Not provided.


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