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8 Flexible, Creative Side Hustles for Moms

Do you need extra money? These side hustles for moms are an excellent way to boost your earnings while having time for yourself and your family.

Even if you’re a busy working mom, you can still find a way to boost your earnings without disrupting your daily routine.

Check out eight ideas for side hustles for moms to boost your income and help you make the most of your free time.

1. Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant is one of the best side hustle ideas for a busy mom who doesn’t want to mold into 9-5 jobs but wants independence to organize her schedule and be with her kids more.

You can also be flexible with your services as this side hustle doesn’t require any specific knowledge and experience. The tasks you can do vary from simple data entry and scheduling appointments to online marketing and customer support.

Every VA needs good time management and organizational skills. Also, you should have a high level of digital literacy and be willing to learn. If you’re good at this job, it can be one of the highest-paying jobs you can do remotely. You can even turn it into your primary income source.

2. Freelance Writer

If you’re creative and can write eye-catching and engaging content, you can push your luck with freelance writing.

With previous experience and a good portfolio, you can cold-pitch clients by sending some of your articles. In case you’re a newbie and have nothing more but a passion for writing, you can offer them a free piece of your content.

The best thing about this very lucrative side hustle is that you can fit it into your busy stay-at-home mom’s schedule, as it’s usually deadline-driven. You decide how much you will work every day and accept only work that doesn’t disturb your routine.

3. Social Media Manager

This is one of those hustles for stay-at-home moms that can fit into their busy schedules perfectly and still leave them enough free time.

As an SM manager, your job is to improve your client’s online presence and boost their visibility on social media. You will create and optimize audio, video, and written content, do paid ad campaigns, provide customer support, be in touch with followers, etc.

You can manage different social networks or specialize in a single one, like Facebook or Instagram. All you need is a laptop or a smartphone and a reliable Internet connection to be online when a client needs you.

Providing you have knowledge or previous experience in online marketing, you can apply with agencies, cold-pitch clients, or market yourself as a freelancer. If you don’t, you can find many free learning sources to improve your skill set.

4. Freelance Graphic Design

As a freelance graphic designer, you decide when and how much you work. You can provide services to clients who need these services but not regularly. That allows for a flexible schedule, which is excellent for busy parents.

This side hustle usually requires some previous knowledge and experience in graphic design to bring you decent money. It can be one of the jobs that pay 100 an hour, provided you have an excellent skill set and an amazing portfolio.

5. Online Seller

Setting up an online store and promoting it on social networks can bring you a significant amount of extra cash every month.

You can create anything you want or are good at and sell crafts online with popular e-commerce platforms, Facebook Marketplace, or local businesses. It can be different types of artwork, clothes, and even cookies and cakes.

You can also make a significant amount of money by designing and marketing printables or other types of digital products. You don’t have to be a pro graphic designer to do that, as there are many helpful free resources to help you make any design you want.

Another great thing about online sales is that you don’t always have to sell your products. You can flip goodies by buying them low and selling them high. If you have some DIY skills, you can, for example, improve, repair, or upgrade second-hand items and add more value.

6. Teach Online

Stay-at-home moms who are particularly knowledgeable or skilled in a particular subject can teach others. It’s also an excellent side gig for teachers who are eager to switch to tutoring from home.

If you prefer in-person teaching, you can provide your services to a local school or community center. Those more willing to work from their home can provide online tutoring.

You can also transfer your knowledge without teaching others directly. If you don’t have time to deal with students directly, you can create and sell online courses. That can bring you great passive income.

Another great side hustle idea is to start a vlog and present your creative ideas by making YouTube videos or tutorials on any subject you’re good at. It’s a good teaching, method as viewers can engage.

7. Dog Walking

You can earn money from dog walking while walking your pets or taking kids to the park. Spread the word about your services or use social media platforms to find clients.

You can even expand your services to pet sitting or even house sitting. That way, you don’t just take care of other people’s pets but also their houses, mail, and plants while they’re absent.

Offer a more comprehensive service by going to grocery stores. This side hustle is about doing shopping and delivering food to people who can’t do that by themselves.

8. Make Cakes

For moms who already bake, selling their homemade goodies can be a fun side hustle. You can choose a market where you’ll start, as you can make different cakes: traditional, themed, raw, gluten-free, etc.

Start small by offering your cakes and cookies to friends and neighbors. Take great photos, provide nutritional facts about your products, share some engaging content online, and provide delivery services.

You can even start your own YouTube channel and post baking videos and how-tos, thus building an audience and spreading the word about your small business. If it turns out that people love your baked goodies and how you market them, it can become a profitable full-time job.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Can I Make From Side Hustles?

Side hustles like writing or graphic design can bring you more than $1,000 every month for only a few hours of daily work.
As a VA charging $20 per hour, two clients and ten working hours every week can earn you that amount, too.

What Are the Most Profitable Side Hustles for Moms?

The passive side hustles that bring earnings but don’t request much of your time are the most profitable. That can be product flipping, selling courses or any digital product, or any other side gig that brings a passive income.

What Are the Best Online Jobs for Busy Moms?

Being a freelance writer, graphic designer, or SM manager allows you to control your working hours.
Setting up an e-commerce store is an excellent way to earn passive income while staying at home or doing your full-time job.

Wrapping Up

As a busy stay-at-home mom, you probably don’t have a lot of spare time. Regardless of your hectic lifestyle, you can take a look at our list of side hustles for moms and find a way to increase your income by staying at home or doing gigs that can fit your already tight schedule.

Ready to go out and look for a new gig as a mom? Let us know in the comments, and share this article with other moms looking to make extra cash.

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