Claire Chandler: 2024 Update

Claire Chandler: 2024 Update

The goal of Hardly Hustle is to provide inspiration, drive and motivation in a 10 minute read or less. What you see is what you get. This is hot off the press without an editing team.Claire Chandler is up. And...

In case you missed her story in 2022, you may want to start here first.

What is your name & current role?

Claire Chandler: Executive Leadership Advisor and Founder of Talent Boost

Explain to the audience what it is that you do, or if it failed, what you did do?

I believe that leaders shape culture, and that culture drives success. So I help purpose-driven leaders of large, growing organizations attract, retain, engage and grow the right talent so they can fulfill their shared mission.

Since you last shared on Hardly Hustle, what have you been up to?

I'm putting the finishing touches on my latest book, which offers a deep-dive exploration into the four pillars that support perpetual growth. The book, called "Growth on Purpose: How to expand your business without losing your best talent," will be released by early June 2024.

Since your last story, any responses you’d tweak or add to?

Change the call to action to "Join the waiting list for my new book and get your free growth score at"

What have you automated or thought about automating in your day to day to make life easier?

I have recently created a 90-day strategy intensive that is now my standard introductory engagement with each client. That has enabled me to offer a consistent experience built around my best practices.

What hire has made the most impact for you?

I haven't hired anyone yet. But that's on my near-term radar. If you know someone who wants to help me impact corporate cultures for GOOD, send them my way. :)

Has your work-life balance gotten better or worse, and why?

It's gotten better. I'm writing this while on the road, traveling with my husband. We have been traveling to some amazing destinations lately, bookending our business trips with quality time together.

What’s one thing you’re bullish on or think is a good idea?

AI. I know it's everyone's hot trend right now, but it truly is a game changer if you give it a chance. It has helped me translate the ideas in my head into coherent content, so "writer's block" is no longer an excuse. Use it to get clarity, get unstuck, and unleash more of your unique ideas into the world.

What is one business tool or resource you can’t live without?

Post-It notes. When I'm designing a new framework, speech or content strategy, I go old school and plot out every key element on a sticky note. When I'm in "create" mode, my office walls are covered with them.

What is one "life hack" or one tool in your life, personal or professional, that has made a large impact?

Getting separation. I recently spent two days on a mountaintop at a mastermind with my business mentor and 14 other entrepreneurs. It provided so much clarity. It reminded me that I do not step outside of my business often enough, to see it from the 30,000-foot level and paint a clearer vision of the life I want to live. Now that I see it so much more clearly, I can design my business to support that life.


# of Employees?


Current revenue?


Projected revenue?

$500K by YE 2024

Any call to action?

Join the waiting list for my new book and get your free growth score at And if you're looking to join my team, reach out and tell me what your genius zone and biggest motivators are.

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Claire Chandler: 2024 Update

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